Other services

 Airport reception

We welcome all of our new international students with an airport pick-up service to take you to your accommodation.

 Housing assistance

We help with finding on-campus and off-campus accommodation and support you in the communication with landlords.

 Opening a bank account

We help with opening a student bank account and assist you in communication with bank staff.

 Legalization of stay

We assist in legalizing your stay in Poland and represent you before the immigration department.

 Recognition of diplomas

We help you to recognize your high school certificates by a province education superintendent in Poland.

 Health insurance

We provide our students with health insurance complying with the requirements of visa and temporary stay permit.

 Legal assistance

We offer professional legal assistance in unforeseen situations (e.g. when dealing with landlords, administrative, or medical institutions).

 Medical examination

We help you to obtain all the necessary health certificates required for studying medical sciences and practising in Polish hospitals.

 Active student support

We support our students with a broad variety of issues, e.g. mental well-being and counselling, employment, buying a car, and much more.