Admission 2020/2021 to the Polish medical schools: what it will look like during the pandemics?

04 May

The number of international medical students pursuing an education in Europe has increased significantly over the past decade. In Poland, which has become very popular among international students, one-quarter of all medical students come from abroad. It was expected that this year will be another in a row with a record number of candidates. However, due to COVID-19, this year entry into medical universities in Poland will be as easy as never! Smaller competition is only one of the factors.

Examination process simplified

Previously, only a limited number of Polish medical schools conducted entrance exams online. Thus, online exams were quite often “online” only to some extent. It is because they were usually organized in examination centers in chosen international locations. Therefore, for many candidates, it was sometimes more convenient to go to Poland to pass the test in person. Today, schools allow their applicants to take an online exam from home or even replace exams with the competition of high school certificates. Some universities have already announced there will be no exams (high school certificates will be enough to enroll).

Universities postpone the delivery of necessary documents for admission

Universities are aware that candidates can have problems trying to complete application documents before the entrance exam this year. It's possible school leaving certificates will be not given on time in many countries. Therefore, some Polish universities have already prepared special regulations allowing applicants to provide them after the exams.

Not expected to be much competition on admission

The economic crisis has made studying abroad financially inaccessible for many. This will naturally limit the number of candidates for medical schools this year. These factors give only one conclusion - if your financial situation allows you to pursue medical education in Europe, perhaps this year your chance for admission is the greatest! 

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