7 reasons to study medicine in Poland

19 Feb

Studying abroad is a major life decision. Many high schoolers in their final year wonder how difficult or expensive it is to study medicine at foreign universities, what the adaptation process looks like, or what prospects await them after obtaining a degree. Below are seven reasons to study medicine in Poland, which will help you make your decision!

1. High quality education recognized worldwide

Poland provides high-quality education, which is monitored and evaluated by multiple commissions at the national and international level. As an example, all medical schools in Poland must be accredited by the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA), which ensures the quality of Polish universities is in accordance with European and international standards. Thanks to the common evaluation system known as the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), the Polish diploma is recognizable in other member states of the European Union, which facilitates student mobility and improves the student's prospects in the European labor market. Diplomas received at medical universities in Poland are also recognized by many countries around the world.

2. Affordable tuition fees and cost of living in Poland

Medicine is considered one of the most expensive specialties, but Polish universities offer high-quality education at a relatively low price in comparison with other developed countries. So, for example, an academic year in Poland may be several times cheaper than in Western Europe or North America. In addition, Poland is one of the cheapest European countries in terms of cost of living. According to Eurostat, Poland is the second least expensive country when it comes to housing and food prices and the fourth most affordable for urban and inter-city transport (as of 2018). Many international students state that this leaves them with extra money for travel.

3. Perfect location and opportunity to travel through Europe 

Since Poland is a signatory to the Schengen agreement, a Polish student visa allows you to travel to more than 20 European countries without the need for additional permits (as it happens, Poland is considered one of the most generous countries when it comes to issuing visas to foreign students!). The country is located at the center of Europe, so students can travel to other countries during the holidays or even on weekends.

4. Poland is a safe country

According to the Global Peace Index 2019 report, Poland, like most European countries, has a “safe” status. Moreover, year on year Poland strengthens its position on the list of the safest countries in the world. The country's high position is due to the absence of internal and external conflicts, as well as public safety and protection. This makes Poland an attractive destination for students from all over the world.

5. Poland has a dynamic and growing economy 

The country is constantly developing economically. Traveling in Poland, you will often note the modernization of roads, buildings, and so on. The same applies to Polish universities, many of which receive state or foreign funding. Medical schools often buy expensive equipment, build new campuses or research centres, making education even more accessible. As a result of all this, the number of foreign students wishing to study medicine in Poland is increasing significantly every year.

6. Rich culture and historical heritage of Poland

Poland has a rich culture, that has developed over many centuries. Polska gościnność (polish hospitality) is a prominent feature of the country - it is generally accepted that Poles are friendly and hospitable people. Indeed, Poles love to share their traditions and the national cuisine. What's more, due to its amazing nature and rich architecture, Poland is also a popular destination for foreign tourists - the country is home to more than 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

7. Last but not least – Owl-Med is based in Poland!

In addition to assistance with entering medical schools, we accompany students as they tackle the challenging goal of becoming professionals in their own right. Our Owl-Med advice team offers students impartial and confidential information on anything and everything they need to know. We provide advice on getting exam results appealed, dealing with landlords, managing personal issues, and much more.

If you have any questions about studying medicine in Poland, feel free to contact us.

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